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b edit

Abbreviation for born, no dot. Likewise d for died.

B&B edit

Abbreviation for Bed and Breakfast, capitalized, no spaces, ampersand.

BC edit

"Before Christ". Place immediately following numerals, without an intervening space. Due to its specific religious reference this term is offensive to some readers; a more-neutral term is BCE - "Before Common Era".

BCE edit

"Before Common Era". Place immediately following numerals, without an intervening space.

beginning edit

Not begining.

believe edit
benefit edit
bettor edit

Someone that bets.

Brit- edit

Never hyphenated, and capitalized as a proper noun, as Britpop or Britart.

Brit, Briton edit

An inhabitant of Great Britain, a member of the British ethnicity. The former is informal, but all are capitalized as proper nouns.

Britain edit

Although inaccurate, Britain is widely used as an alternative name for the United Kingdom or Great Britain. Strictly, Great Britain is England, Wales, Scotland and islands governed from the main island (ie, not Isle of Man or Channel Islands); United Kingdom is Great Britain and Northern Ireland; and the British Isles are United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

British edit

Use with caution; prefer a more-precise term in most cases as Scotland fans or England stores.

bullet wound edit

Two words, hyphenated when used adjectivally. Be aware of the difference between a bullet wound and a shotgun wound. The former is inflicted by a single projectile (mounted on a casing or shell), the latter by large number of projectiles (fired from a cartridge, singular and plural known as "shot".)

but edit

May be used at the beginning of a sentence for emphasis. Likewise and.