Kai-fu Lee: Developers will rule the next-generation Internet world

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kai-fu Lee.
Image: Rico Shen.

The 2008 Google Developer Day started its second day today at Beijing International Convention Center, China. "Cloud Computing" was chosen as its theme for this event, driving more discussions between several participating programmers on the applications of Internet APIs.

The battle of [operating] platforms comes to an end in the presence, 'The Internet' will be the final survivor in this battle. With revolutions and risen-up products from different web era, an interactive platform for developers will be more and more opened. In the past, we [the public] gained informations from mass media, but now, interactions from Internet users are more and more frequent and active than the past. I believe that the Internet will continuously play the greatest role, developers will lead the revolution of next-generation Internet era.

Kai-fu Lee, Founding President of Google China.

Since Google Gears, Android, and the Google App Engine was already discussed in Japan, Google China announced that they will cooperate with several local internet communities including MySpace, Tianya Club, and Xiaonei Web on an interactive platform - "OpenSocial" in China.