Wikinews interviews New Zealand Paralympic skier Adam Hall

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wikinews reporter LauraHale interviews New Zealand Paralympic skier Adam Hall

Recently, Wikinews spent time with with New Zealand Paralympic skier Adam Hall who was at Copper Mountain, Colorado for the IPC Nor-Am Cup.

((Wikinews)) We're interviewing famous Kiwi Paralympic legend Adam Hall, Paralympic skier. What classification are you?

Adam Hall: An LW1.

((WN)) LW1. So you are a standing skier?

Adam Hall: Stand up skier.

((WN)) And how does a Kiwi end up skiing? Because it's not known as the world's greatest country for skiing.

Adam Hall: Oh, actually we have quite a lot of good resources down in New Zealand for skiing and a lot of world class athletes and countries from all over the world come down to New Zealand and train during the off season. So, actually, kind of world-renowned for skiing.

((WN)) New Zealand's had a couple of really famous skiers compared to their neighbour [Australia], right?

Adam Hall: Yeah I guess so. Especially in the able bodied world. Back in the early 90s we had some good success at the Olympic medal.

((WN)) You're the most decorated New Zealand Paralympian on the winter side?

Adam Hall: Uh, no, not yet. We've also had a very successful Winter Paralympics ski racing team also in the 90s as well and also in the 80s as well when Paralympic skiing first evolved. We have had quite a successful team over the years, and we try to continue that[?].

((WN)) Are you from the South Island?

Adam Hall: From the South Island.

((WN)) So you ski in Otago?

Adam Hall: Yeah, I am from Otago and I train out of Wanaka.

((WN)) After the Summer Olympics, your government had all sorts of budget issues. Has that impacted the Paralympic stuff on the winter side or in general, or is it just the Olympics where they are like "we don't want to fund everything"?

Adam Hall: I'd much rather stay out of all that political side of things, and I don't really know much about it...

((WN)) They are giving you money to ski?

Adam Hall: Based on your results you're pretty well supported, and you have to obviously show your results to get the kind of resources and help. If you're successful you're lucky enough to get world class resources to help you along.

((WN)) Do you think you're better resourced than, say, the Americans?

Adam Hall: It's hard to say what each country gets, but I'm really happy and definitely privileged to have the support that I have behind me.

((WN)) Are you going to go to Sochi?

Adam Hall: Definitely, yeah. That what my eyes are set on at the moment and it's for Sochi in 2014.

((WN)) Have you qualified points-wise points already?

Adam Hall: Yeah, right now I have the qualifications and [?] points to qualify for the games.

((WN)) What's your favourite skiing events?

Adam Hall: Slalom and Super G, and the two combined.

((WN)) It's because you like to go fast?

Adam Hall: I like to go fast and I like the technical things as well.

((WN)) Anything that people should know about disability sport in New Zealand?

Adam Hall: No, not really, the whole disability world, world-wide, is moving in a positive way and continues to when you look back in previous years with people with disabilities were kind of classed as second-hand[?] citizens and it is moving in a positive way and continues to.

((WN)) Okay, cool. Thank you very much.

Adam Hall at Solitude Station on Copper Mountain
Image: Bidgee.
The competition board following the first run of the slalom earlier today on Copper Mountain on the final day of the IPC Nor-Am Cup. Hall is number 40.
Image: LauraHale.


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