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Here is an incomplete catalogue of interviews Wikinews has done since the site's inception.

Interviews are broken up by category, and links and interview dates are provided under pictures of the interview subjects (when applicable).

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Taliban resurgent in Pakistan on enforcement of Sharia law Aside from Semicon Taiwan 2007 - An attraction of "exiderdome" by Siemens Exclusive report on New Zealand's digital TV service New Zealand's anti-spam legislation kicks in – exclusive report Wikinews interviews Ethan Zuckerman Four families left homeless after apartment fire in Buffalo, New York Contract to buy properties on site of Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal extended Exclusive interview with prominent blogger, David Farrar Columbine High School evacuated following bomb scare OpenSync Interview - syncing on the free desktop Outage leaves tens of thousands of New Zealanders without Internet Interview with Brazilian blogger Ricardo Serran Lobo Australia Votes 2007: Opposition transport minister speaks to Wikinews on Central NSW freeway