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So, just curious.........

...about this user User:De Wikischim; I had to take a nap after reading all of the block/unblock chatter on their talk page. What're we planning to do with them? Unblock or what?--Bddpaux (talk) 20:48, 28 March 2019 (UTC)[reply]

@Bddpaux: When I get a chance, I figured I'd review the specifics and consider what to say/do about the matter; as blocking admin, of course, if I were okay with unblocking I could do it with no controversy, or if I'm opposed I would make some remarks and (almost certainly) leave it for some other admin(s) to decide whether there was sufficient cause to reverse my action.

My general memory is that they were being disruptively heckling about the differences between en.wn and nl.wn; I have grave objections to the way nl.wn operates but don't pick fights with them, and have invited them to take a similar non-interfering stance toward us but, in that particular case, they didn't. However, in fairness I feel I ought to review the matter, and consider whether I feel there's credible evidence of a change of attitude. Even additional questions are imaginable, depending on how the situation looks. --Pi zero (talk) 22:20, 28 March 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Good enough!!--Bddpaux (talk) 03:25, 29 March 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Maybe we could unblock DW for a month and see what happens. Darkfrog24 (talk) 16:42, 22 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

I have difficulty finding a second source for this, there is [1] but it re-tells what the UN News said. Is an interview a good idea here? I'd say

  • What is the expected cost and duration of the restoration?
  • Specifically what help are you offering? I can see you provide experts to do “rapid damage assessment”. Do you provide any further help or the extent of the further help will be determined after the assessment finishes.
  • Have you supported similar restorations in the past? Which and when?

I am not sure what other essential information is missing. --Gryllida (talk) 01:53, 19 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

I have difficulty assessing relevance of this story. The two sources are a little obscure and how this alarm affects others is not clear. --Gryllida (talk) 06:01, 22 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

I have not-ready'd the current form of the article, with some careful discussion of relevance. --Pi zero (talk) 16:41, 22 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Yeah, looks like a typical case of a new guy who doesn't quite get what we mean by an event. So long as we focus on not alienating Lightsourcer, encourage L to try again, that sort of thing. Darkfrog24 (talk) 16:43, 22 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]