I am most active on Japanese Wikipedia.

I value w:Wikiquette & w:WikiLove. I am usually more interested in finding some concensus than advocating for my own view. I like to ask questions, suggest solutions, but not to push certain view. I am not very much interested in leading people as a leader, but do not mind at all being a catalyst for a change when time is ripe.

My interests edit

My interests on this project:

  • Doing some research to improve quality and neutrality of articles.
  • Thinking about how to achieve quality and neutrality.
  • Not so much about writing.
  • Developing relations with other wikimedia projects & others in various ways.

Areas of interest:

  • IT, media, & communication.

Activities (2004) edit




  • Science and technology
  • Tsunami Help
  • Categorization of all pages - One day I wanted to fill the "Science and technology" page. I realized that most articles are not categorized, and I did not know what article exist in that category. So I started digging all the articles from various pages. (Now Special:Allpages is functioning, so I am using it. Will be done soon.) I review pages alphabetically, and try to give date, place, and subject categorizes, at least one each. I raise questions in the process, such as potential changes to categories.
  • Gardening - when I find, correct double redirects, give categories to new pages, create "related pages" or "see also" section to refer to Wikinews and Wikipedia's pages on the same topic. I occasionally check copyright violation using google.

Other edit

I became an administrator recently. Here is my self-description regarding what kind of administrator I would be. Your comments are appreciated regarding if I am keeping the promises.

For those of you who are not familiar with Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, an administrator is a trusted peer. It does not mean I can order something to others or my opinion counts more than others. Administrators are expected to follow community concensus. At least that is my understanding, as well as many others in Wikimedia projects.

For the lack of better place, I appreciate those of you who expressed trust in me when I nominated myself to the administrator. Thank you very much.