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As a Wikinews discussion grows longer, the probability of a mention of Mike Godwin approaches one.

I occasionally show up at French Wikinews: see Utilisateur:InfantGorilla

Article rescue campaign edit

If you feel these stories are worth saving, clean them up for publication. (If they are short and current add them to Wikinews Briefs for today).

Some articles we rescued from proposed deletion edit

Other rescues that were less likely to be deleted edit

Some rescue candidates that we didn't save edit

To do list edit

Some behind-the-scenes changes that (with consensus) might improve the wiki. If I find the time and talent to do all these, great. If you get to one of these first, even better.

  1. Draft (at Water Cooler) an apology to the subject of Wikinews interviews Chiaki Hayashi, Asian Projects Coordinator at Creative Commons, and propose a way of issuing it.
  2. Edit Wikinews:Flagged revisions/Requests for permissions it seems from recent misunderstandings by new editors that neither the qualifications or purpose are clear. If you just want to sight portals, then you need the Reviewer bit, but you need to be qualified (or at least trusted) to do full article reviews. Secondly, it is clear that the community expects some experience to demonstrate understanding of the seriousness of a review, so the intro should say that, to avoid someone volunteering to review as their first act on Wikinews. So, edit the introduction to that page to say this, and make it much shorter and clearer. Add {{Reviewer message}}
  3. Propose (at Water Cooler) that stale be listed as a WN:PROD reason. Right now MediaWiki:Deletereason-dropdown lists it as a speedy deletion reason, yet staleness isn't listed at Wikinews:Criteria for speedy deletion. Synchronise {{stale}} and {{tasks}}. (See and User talk:DragonFire1024#Dealer leads offer for Pontiac brand )
  4. File:Canada-US Border Line.jpg - cc-by-nc image. Should the cc-by-nc be a speedy deletion tag, or is the image allowed by the Wikinews:Image use policy? Arguably not a publicity shot, so it doesn't seem to fit within the Wikinews:Fair use policy.
  5. Wikinews:Fair use and {{cc-by-nc-sa-2.5}} seem to be out of sync with Wikinews:Image use policy, Wikinews:Image copyright tags, {{gol image}} and {{pgol}} regarding grants of license. There are about 20 images left, so evidently the backlog of over 2000 non-commercial images has been largely dealt with.
  6. Commons: Take a copy of the image they've overwritten, and add the article's publish date as a suffix before putting "on pain of Brian" notice in the img desc page. --Brian McNeil We need an 'on pain of Brian' template
  7. There are some literal links about the place, that would be better built with the {{fullurl: magic word, as that would help secure server users (without the javascript gadget) stay in the right session.
  8. It would be nice, one day, to have the current version of HotCat at English Wikinews: it has some nice new features, to make it easier to find cats, and to keep the recent changes log quieter.
  9. Why does Serbian Wikinews get 100 articles per day with just 14 active reporters? It has overtaken all the others in total articles posted.
  10. {{archive}} does not explain how to request a factual correction.
  11. User_talk:Adambro#Restored_file.3F ref non-free file File:Toad on highway.jpg
  12. archive User:InfantGorilla/Talk:Australian Prime Minister accused of poor leadership on climate change and User:InfantGorilla/Comments:Australian Prime Minister accused of poor leadership on climate change somewhere useful

Contributions selected at my whim, that might show me in a good light edit

Synthesis articles edit

For synthesis articles, I have preferred to summarize the news for an international audience, rather than write extensive background or analysis.

Brief articles edit

Translations edit

from foreign language free content sources

Cleanup, expansion and hyperlinking jobs I am proud of edit

Awards edit

I may be an old and grizzled PHB in real life, but I am so happy to get an award, I think I will frame one and put it above my desk.

  Exceptional Newcomer Award
I, Doldrums, hereby award InfantGorilla the Exceptional Newcomer Award for contributions made to Wikinews.  — Doldrums(talk) 12:48, 22 November 2006 (UTC)
A barnstar of being a good Wikinewsie, awarded to InfantGorrilla 11:11, 12 November 2008 (UTC) by Brian McNeil
I, User:Florentino Floro, share and bestow upon InfantGorilla this Wiki Dwarf red buckeye "Good Luck" for consistently writing excellent articles on Wikinews