Well, Wikipedia says they are "not associated" with each other, citing the ABC News (Australia) article cited here. That article quotes the theme park owner as saying, "While Sea World Helicopters is an independent professional operator, VRTP is working with emergency services and the authorities to provide every possible assistance..."

I understand that to mean the theme park and the helicopter company are not directly connected. Then the other source we have just throws around Sea World and Sea World Helicopters as if they're the same thing.

But the WP article, citing the helicopter company's website, says, "Legally, Sea World Helicopters is a separate company from Sea World (the theme park), despite the close relationship between the two companies."

Since it's one word, I consider this a minor edit and acceptable at this time.

Heavy Water (talk)22:47, 6 January 2023

Jargo Nautilus probably means "close relationship" as in the businesses being symbiotic, not necessarily having shared ownership.

SVTCobra12:16, 7 January 2023

I'm the person who wrote in that Wikipedia article the quote that you highlighted above, "legally...". Sea World is basically a brand, associated with the theme park. However, the company "Sea World", which runs the theme park, does not legally run the helicopters, which are managed by another company called "Sea World Helicopters". Sea World Helicopters obviously shares the name "Sea World", and they collaborate with one another in the tourism industry despite not being connected as a single company.

Jargo Nautilus (talk)02:26, 8 January 2023