DS4SEQ discusses daylight savings in Queensland with Wikinews

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wikinews recently held an interview with the Daylight Saving for South East Queensland (DS4SEQ) political party about the upcoming Queensland state election.

DS4SEQ is a single issue party which, as its name suggests, advocates the implementation of daylight saving in South East Queensland. Currently Queensland runs on Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10).


 ((Wikinews )) Why have daylight saving in only part of the state instead of the whole state?

Daylight Saving in Queensland appears to be a geographical issue. The results of the 1992 Referendum show that the concept was favoured by 51 (out of 89) electorates, all of which were located in the South East Queensland Region. In 2007, the Queensland Government commissioned AC Nielsen to undertake research. The results of this research indicated that 69% of respondants in the South East Queensland region were in favour of Daylight Saving, with only 20% opposed. This research also indicated that 59% of respondants outside of the South East region were opposed to Daylight Saving being introduced into their region. Overall those opposed to daylight saving in Queensland has decreased from 54.5% in 1992 to only 34% against, according to the Nielsen findings. South East Queensland businesses are also overwhelmingly in favour of having Daylight Saving introduced into the region.

As Daylight Saving is not favoured outside of the South East Queensland region, DS4SEQ believe that a dual time zone is a compromise that respects the needs of regional and rural Queenslanders, while also giving fair consideration to the view of the majority of residents in South East Queensland.

 ((Wikinews )) What benefits would daylight saving have for South East Queensland?

By moving the time of the clock against the natural occurring solar movement, Daylight Saving provides allowance for an hour less sunlight in the very early morning, when about 80% of people are sleeping, and provide an hour more sunlight in the evening, which can the be utilised. Benefits that can be gained from the introduction of daylight saving into South East Queensland are:

  • Promotes more of an outdoor lifestyle
  • Allows more time for outdoor family activities
  • Allows more time to perform outdoor garden activities e.g. mowing the lawn
  • Provides a positive effect on health
  • Improved safety and security for evening leisure activities and public transport
  • Promotes tourism
  • Increases economic efficiences for majority of business dealings from South East Queensland
  • Studies have suggested that, in the long term, Daylight Saving can reduce traffic accidents and road fatalities.

 ((Wikinews )) How soon would you like to see a referendum on the issue of daylight saving?

DS4SEQ are not advocating a referendum. DS4SEQ's political goal is to convince the major parties to change their thinking about Daylight Saving in Queensland, to adapt to Queensland's changing landscape and "It's About Time!" that serious consideration was given to our dual time zone concept.

 ((Wikinews )) What questions would you like see on the ballot paper for said referendum?

As per the previous question, DS4SEQ are not advocating a referendum, but seeking a revised policy on Daylight Saving in Queensland, by both major parties, to seriously consider a dual time zone arrangement for 6 months of the year.

 ((Wikinews )) Will DS4SEQ keep campaigning for daylight saving in South East Queensland if you don't get any seats in parliament?

The current stance taken by both major parties, in relation to Daylight Saving in Queensland, is outdated, out of touch and inflexible. South East Queenslanders are frustrated that neither major party is currently prepared to explore options on the issue of Daylight Saving.

Whilst DS4SEQ is aiming to win seats in the Queensland Parliament, we believe that gaining a sizeable percentage of the primary vote will send the key message to the major parties that they can no longer ignore: When it comes to the issue of Daylight Saving, the people of South East Queensland have been ignored for too long, and a dual time zone arrangement must be implemented.

With a sizeable percentage of the vote achieved, DS4SEQ will be able to lobby the Government and Opposition, with evidence that constituents are demanding Daylight Saving to be implemented within the South East Queensland region.


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