Colegio Preciosa Sangre, Pichilemu, amidst other Chilean schools celebrate Student's Day

Saturday, May 15, 2010

On Friday morning, Student's Day was celebrated in the most schools across Chile. Student's Day was created in May 11, 1990 by Chile's Ministry of Education. The same day, the Supreme Decree N° 524 was validated, whereby also authorized the functioning of Student's Centres in the High Education schools.

Students of Colegio Preciosa Sangre playing gymkhana. (Image: Diego Grez)

At Colegio Preciosa Sangre, Pichilemu celebration started at 8:30 AM local time (1230 UTC). Students, grouped by grade, shared a cup of milk and sandwiches. Competitions and games were originally planned to take place in the school's yard, but due to adverse weather, these were moved to an old, large room. The school was split into two teams, Roja (red) and Verde (green). The event was organized by Nicole Grez, Carol Piña, and Paola Sepúlveda, amidst others, and the judges included Angélica Miranda and Mother Loreto Fuentes.

The first of the activities was the performance of a Pichileminian metal band, that covered Metallica's songs. Subsequently, started the games. The first one consisted of the imitation of a well-known musical artist. The Roja alliance prepared the imitation of Ráfaga's Luna Luna. The Verde alliance performed a sketch with Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy. Both alliances gained points for this activity.

The next activity in the morning was gymkhana, that consisted if three steps for students from first to eight grades of Basic Education:

  1. Put a thread through a needle.
  2. Eat a pear while playing with a basketball ball.
  3. Pump up and burst an inflatable globe.

From the first to fourth grades of High Education:

  1. Take out a coin from a plate full of flour.
  2. Eat a sandwich with hot chilli, and drink a glass of Coke.
  3. Put a thread through two needles. (Between this step and the fourth, they have to chew the same pear).
  4. Pump up and burst two globes.

In the group of 1st to 4th Grade (Basic), 5th to 8th Grade (Basic) and 1st to 4th Grade (High), the Verde team won.

Subsequently, some girls from the Cheer-leading team performed a dance with some teachers from the school. Later, a game of the 3-legs jump took place. It mainly consisted of: samples of well-known songs were played, when they stopped, the pairs had to jump until they reached the microphone, and sing the rest of the song. Three groups of four grades were formed, as in the gymkhana game. Each group had to listen 3 songs.

Américo in October 2009
1st to 4th Grade (Basic)
  1. Mazapán - Una Cuncuna Amarilla : Draw
  2. Américo - Que Levante La Mano : Verde team won
  3. Shakira - Loba : Verde team won
5th to 8th Grade (Basic)
  1. Mazapán - Caballito Blanco : Rojo team won
  2. Sin Bandera - Suelta Mi Mano : Rojo team won
  3. DJ Méndez feat. Crossfire - Lady : Rojo team won
1st to 4th Grade (High)
  1. Los Jaivas - Mira Niñita : Rojo team won
  2. Shakira - Waka Waka (Esto es África) : Draw
  3. Wisin & Yandel - La Minifalda : Draw

Finally it was determined that the Rojo team won this game. The penultimate game took place at 12:05 local time (16:05 UTC), and it consisted of:

  1. First round: collect 15 turnkeys.
  2. Second round: collect 10 clocks.

All of this had to be done in just 30 seconds. In the first round, the Verde team collected 11 turnkeys, and the Rojo team, 10. In the second round, the Verde team collected 6 clocks, while the Rojo team, 7.

The last game was tugar tugar, which consisted of dancing known songs, including The Rickrollerz's Never Gonna Give You Up, Cosculluela's Prrum, Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, Américo's Te Vas and Chilean cuecas. After some time, the jury took out some pairs. There were six pairs, with a student from each grade. As the game came to a close, only two pairs remained. Finally, the game was won by the verde team.

Angélica Miranda and Mother Loreto Fuentes, both judges, congratulated both teams and gave the total results:

Alliance Points
Roja 8000
Verde 9250

The same Pichileminian metal band that performed at the beginning of the games, played again, as students left the building.

Student's Day in other parts of Chile

Los Ángeles

Main street of Los Ángeles.

The Student's Day was celebrated on Wednesday, the 12th in Los Ángeles. The teachers congratulated the students and at once, they enjoyed activities that included artistic acts, deportive activities and certainly, free food, depending on the scholar journey.

In the José Manso de Velasco School, one of the teachers disguised as Américo, and revolutionized the students. In the Liceo Comercial, they elected a Queen. The most popular took place in Sternenkinder, a special school, locally known as NEE (Necesidad Educativa Especial), that enjoyed an event prepared by a local discotheque.


In Valdivia, the Education Seremi (boss) of the Los Ríos Region, Carlos Crot, visited the students of Instituto Superior de Administración y Turismo (INSAT) while they were celebrating their day, on Wednesday, congratulating all the students of the region. The event took place in a room of the establishment. Crot was the Principal of the Institute until just some weeks ago, when he had to leave to become Seremi.


Location of Parral in the Maule Region.

The Student's Day was celebrated on Thursday 13, in Parral. The Mayor of the city, Israel Urrutia Escobar, managed to take a Savory and Chocapic (both part of Nestle) tent to Parral. Savory's ice cream were given for free to people that could get in front of the Municipality building.

The activity had been repeated in other communes affected by the February 27 earthquake. Some of them are: Talcahuano, Coronel, Chillán, Talca, Constitución, and some other minor towns. More than five thousand ice creams were given. "I appreciate the companies that have came along to our call. This activity excites us and entertains not just the childs, but their parents. Today is the Student's day and we wanted to celebrate it properly [...]," said Israel Urrutia.

Students from the Santiago Urrutia Benavente School and Pablo Neruda School, ensured this was one of the best activities made in a long time, because they thought it was a fantasy that people could give ice creams to those who want and to play freely.

Punta Arenas

The Student's Day was celebrated on Thursday 13 here, too. In many educational establishments of the city, activities were performed to celebrate this day. In Instituto Superior de Comercio, the students enjoyed a dance-tón (bailetón), El Pingüino reported. The Clerk of the Municipality of Punta Arenas, Orlando Estefó, congratulated the students, "by making history every day by day, as the main actors in the educational process."


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