Canada's PM gets award for public service in Calgary

Friday, October 6, 2006

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that Canadians want the nation to take a clear, confident and influential role on the global stage, and they understand the dangers that go along with that.

Harper was in Calgary, Alberta to receive the Woodrow Wilson Award for his public service in Calgary. It was held at the Telus Convention Centre, the same place where he made his victory speech.

"I believe Canadians want a significant role a clear, confident and influential role," Harper said. "They don't want a Canada that just goes along; they want a Canada that leads; I intend to make this a country that leads."

Harper also said that Canada is becoming an "emerging energy superpower," but warned the oilpatch has a responsibility to ensure the environment doesn't take a back seat. "Here in Alberta, where that energy power can almost be felt, something else must be equally appreciated. That with power comes responsibility," he said. "Given the environmental challenges that energy production presents, Alberta must also become a world leader in environmentally responsible energy production."

Chris Sands, a senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, said Harper has re-established Canada as a growing power that's becoming more respected on the world stage.