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Friday, September 14, 2007

Siemens "exiderdome"

Semicon Taiwan goes to the final day on September 14, one of exhibitors Siemens AG imported containers named "exiderdome" to Taiwan and held an exhibition at A13 Parking Lot in Xinyi District, Taipei City for professionals from some industries such as automation, semiconductor, and electronics experiencing the advantages on automation solutions by Siemens.

For this special exhibition, Wikinews Reporter Brock interviewed Stephen Huang (International Account Manager of Automation and Drives Department, Siemens Limited) and Ken Cheng (Director of Automation and Drives Department, Siemens Limited) for information on this exhibition.

Interview and Visit

Brock interviewed Stephen Huang

Why Choosing Taiwan?

Brock: Nice to visit "exiderdome" by Siemens AG in Taiwan, with the conjunction of Semicon Taiwan 2007, Why Siemens AG choose Taiwan as one of the exhibition place?

Huang: I'm appreciative of the interview by Wikinews. In fact, Siemens hoped every industry in Taiwan to understand the opportunity and advances of process of automation and obtain information in it with the "exiderdome" show in Taiwan. Even though this show is chosen during Semicon Taiwan 2007, but the solution ratio for semiconductor industry is only 2 or 3 percents because Siemens had lot of views on combinations from lower to upper factories and transformations on life cycles of products for every industry not only semiconductor.

Cheng: This the only and the first time Siemens held "exiderdome" show in Taiwan because Siemens cooperated with many industries and companies such as Taipei 101, Taipower, Taipei MRT, AU Optronics, AMD, National Semiconductor and had lots of achievements. Also, Siemens AG Headquarter chose Taiwan with the promotion of development on every industry and enterprise for the needs of the process on enterprise and automation.

Solutions on the Trend of Product Life Cycle

Brock: As of the Press Conference by SEMI on Tuesday, some of exhibitors remarked that lots of companies and enterprises in Taiwan should obtain new materials and upgrade production technologies because of trend of tracing new ideas and following the fashion by consumers, with those trends, how will Siemens have to do?

Huang: Siemens played as a roll of a solution provider for industries such as prime silicon and esoteric materials. Currently, lots of factories are particular about "product integration" and "quality than quantity". Factories in Taiwan should also pay attention with the load of the industrial electricity, so that Siemens introduced "Totally Integrated Power" and "Total Integrated Automation" solutions for industries to the best result of reducing costs and unwanted waste at this "exiderdome" show.

Siemens on other investments

Brock: As I knew, Siemens was ever remarkable at telecommunication industry in Europe and ever cooperated with BenQ to build a brand new "BenQ-Siemens" CI. Why Siemens withdrew this industry afterwards and the effect on other departments of Siemens?

Huang: Surely, Siemens was ever well-known in telecommunication industry, but when the trend of communication generation (2G, CDMA, 3G, 3.5G, ...) changes rapidly, Siemens lag behind Motorola slowly in the innovation of communication products. Afterwards, Siemens withdrew this industry but didn't take any effect on other department such as electronics, RFID, and security. As people in Taiwan saw the night illumination devices at Taipei 101, Train of Taipei MRT, power supply on Taipower Co., Ltd., Siemens is surely proud with the achievement of them.

Cheng: We provided lots of solutions for different industries in Taiwan. To standardize the procession in every industry is what Siemens have to do currently. That's why we turned from the competitor to service provider.

Other features on "exiderdome"

Multimedia Show of Atrium 2

Brock: Besides of the main two objects, is there any other feature on "exideerdome" in Taiwan?

Huang: In this exhibition, we provide solutions based on power supply, RFID technology, automation and sensor, each industry has its unique own solution. Also, at the multimedia guide of Atrium 2, we set a virtual environment with rotated mirrors on 3 walls for visitors who can rapidly enjoy the moment of the automation world and understand the advantages of automation for enterprises. That's exactly matched with one of our main solution - "Total Integrated Automation".

Siemens in Taiwan

Huang: After visiting the guides on 1F and 2F, you can witness the image and achievement by Siemens in Taiwan. Siemens has three branches in Taiwan and expand from the headquarter in Taipei. What Siemens do is to provide solutions for every industry, for the 2007 Semicon Taiwan, we also provide a standalone solution on semiconductor industry, and that's why we chose Xinyi Shopping Area as the place in Taiwan to exhibit.


One of Siemens' customer AMD ever set lounge outside of TWTC showground.

We can often see some exhibitors set lounge or held special activity on the Xinyi Shopping Area outside of TWTC showground to show their enterprise image or new technology. At past some years of Taipei Telecom, some companies chose East Area in Taipei as their showing stage like TransAsia Corporation. But in Computex Taipei, not only East Area in Taipei, but also Xinyi Shopping Area. Some of companies or exhibitors may invest some cost on the advertisement outside TWTC such as footbridge between Taipei 101 and TWTC or NYNY Department Store. Those were the good effect for some of trade shows in Taipei.

At Semicon Taiwan 2007, an exhibitor Siemens rented A13 Parking lot and imported containers to Taiwan to exhibit their results and solutions and had a good effect and promotion on exhibitions, and surely showed the excellence of their solution and image. We can predict that sideshow will be a great focus outside of main exhibition.


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This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
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