Yemeni journalist Nabil Hasan al-Quaety shot dead in Aden

Friday, June 5, 2020

Nabil Hasan al-Quaety, a photo- and videojournalist from Yemen, died in the city of Aden, in southern Yemen, on Tuesday after being shot in his car. He was 34 and reported extensively on the nation's ongoing civil war.

journalists are now favourite targets, regardless of the region they cover

—Sabrina Bennoui, of RSF

Al-Quaety, who contributed to Agence France-Presse among other news organizations, openly supported independence for South Yemen. The Southern Transitional Council, previously an ally of the government, is currently in conflict against it. Both sides also oppose Houthi rebels. Both the council and the government called for his death to be investigated.

Aden, pictured in 2013 from file.
Image: Brian Harrington Spier.

Multiple assailants attacked al-Quaety shortly after he left his nearby home, then, according to security officials, fled. He is survived by three children and his pregnant wife. A freelancer, he was a 2016 Rory Peck Awards finalist for his coverage of the conflict. In 2019 he survived a drone attack that left six soldiers dead. The city's security chief, Abdullah al-Jahafi, announced on Facebook on Tuesday there were suspects in custody.

"Nabil's murder is unacceptable and constitutes a terrible new blow to journalism in Yemen[...] journalists are now favourite targets, regardless of the region they cover", said Sabrina Bennoui of Reporters Without Borders. Phil Chetwynd, director of global news for AFP, called the death "the senseless killing of a courageous journalist doing his job despite threats and intimidation." Chetwynd also praised the quality of al-Quaety's work.