Wikinews interviews Ruth Bryant White, independent candidate for US President

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

While nearly all coverage of the 2008 Presidential election has focused on the Democratic and Republican candidates, the race for the White House also includes independents and third party candidates. These parties represent a variety of views that may not be acknowledged by the major party platforms.

Wikinews has impartially reached out to these candidates, throughout the campaign. We now interview independent Presidential candidate Ruth Bryant White, an ordained Christian minister, author, and homemaker.


Why do you want to be President?

I don’t, but I will serve for the betterment of our Country. I love my country I don’t like politics. I seem to be the best qualified candidate besides Mike Huckabee, whom I would gladly work with to run this country. I would love to be Co-President with someone who takes care of business and is not trying to become a Washington Insider.
I believe we can clean up the mess in Washington. We’re the only two that can in my humble opinion. Nobody knows what’s happening in Middle America. The so-called front-runners can only rely on their advisors. I know what’s happening, because I’m a part of Middle America, I know and see the hurts and the issues first hand.

Have you ever run for political office before?

No, but I’ve worked for the United States Air Force and I’ve worked for the Veteran’s Administration

Have you ever been a member of a political party, other than the one you're currently in?

No, and I wouldn’t join one now, especially with the cronyism and fundraising a Candidate has to do for a party instead doing the job we pay them to do i.e to run our country.
If this was private Industry most of them would be fired by now fordoing a poor job of making sure our country is never depending on other countries for anything.
However I’m a mother and grandmother and I see first hand how our country is going down the tubes and I want to do everything I can to save it, so I put my Barbeque pit away and my lounge chair and said I Love my Country enough to do whatever I can to save us.

Have you ever campaigned for another political candidate?

No, but I would for Mike Huckabee if he and I were not both running for President.
This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

What is your current job?

I’m running For President Full Time, I’m a Certificated Christian Counselor, an Ordained Minister, an Author, Public Speaker, and Homemaker.

What skills or ideas do or previous positions, you bring from this position that will benefit the Oval Office?

I’ve worked in the Corporate world and Government world and I know how both operate. I would run The White House like an up to date corporation that can see monthly reports of where we’re heading financially. We would balance the budget, cut spending and programs that have not worked, and we wouldn’t spend money we don’t have. I am a Public Speaker, and an Expert on Race Relations and I bring communications skills with a Non Profit Organization, “A Place For Us” National,, for over 25 years. The people who have worked with me for over 25 years believe in what this mission and this campaign is about. When they hear me speak they are energized by my message of taking back America and having the essentials of our security handled by our Government as well as empowering people to depend on themselves more and less on Government.
Look me up on
All of the work positions I’ve held will prepare me for the Oval office.

Obviously, the next American President and his or her administration will face many diverse issues. But if you were to narrow identify the three most important issues, what would they be? How will you address these issues?

I would free the Border Patrol Agents who are imprisoning because they tried to protect our Countrys secure the Northern and Southern Borders, and place A Moratorium on all immigrants from everywhere. Then I’d start the deportation process first for illegal prisoners we take care of everyday, then penalize the employers who knowingly hire illegal’s. Concerning, National Security, we should protect ourselves and Our Military with the best we can give them with the New GI Bill. Should they parish, their families will be taken care of and I believe if a parent is the only heir of a fallen soldier that parent should be able to go to the Commissary to purchase food.
I will protect us by any means necessary without abusing Americans’ Privacy and Free Speech. As far as Education goes, I believe in giving Educators salaries through private entities where they make 200K or the equivalent depending where they live in the Country. I would even include not having to pay rent, because if they don’t teach our children we have a failing country. If they like their job they will go beyond their regular duty. For example, my husband is an Educator and as far as his private clients are concerned (and I concur) he’s the best in the country. He would teach for free if he didn’t have to eat and pay bills; that’s how much he loves seeing children learn and better themselves, but with all of the political correctness I didn’t want him ever teaching in public schools again.
I believe in discipline and respect for teachers and administrators, but I believe in school choice. I don’t believe in the Teacher’s Unions taking teachers monies and lobbying in Washington on causes that the Teachers may not believe in. I would enact Child Support Revisions to help good Dads who take care of their children without the government interfering. I would enact a Private Medical CO-OP that pays dividends for those who remain healthily while we pay for whatever health problems the sick may have, with no co-pays and including all dental, vision home care, long term and short term care. This plan may have some government oversight by the Attorney General.

Campaigning for the American presidency is one of the most expensive exercises in the world. How do you deal with the cost and fundraising?

I don’t have an expert to fundraise for me, so I campaign over the internet and YouTube. I travel when the funds are available. I'm reaching people in France and all over America. They are shocked that I respond to them, when I'm not out physically campaigning or doing interviews. People would support me if I were on the news and was getting support that way.

Do you have a running mate yet? Who are they? What are you looking for in a running mate?

I don’t yet have a running mate. They have to care about our country and not try to be positioning for a powerful position. They have to want to take care of business and carry out my platform and be objective. I don’t like “yes” people. I can deal with constructive criticism, because the things I’m doing are to better our country. The More Than A Woman” Presidential Campaign is not about me. It’s about us “WE The People” and how we can pursue happiness without so much Government Interference.

Can you win the 2008 Presidential election?

Yes, if I had the same media coverage and had been invited to participate in the debates the News Media have and are sponsoring for only Republicans or Democrats and their so-called Front runners, yet excluding the Independent Candidate.
I've proven what I can do on Fox News's The O'Reilly Factor. Feel free to look at the actual segment on my Presidential Website Fox received thousands of emails from people who said they liked what I had to say about the issue I was talking about. People want to see me on the news programs, because I have the answers to the problems most can't figure out

Can any third party or independent candidate ever win?

Yes, especially if the National news would stop being so partisan. At least the voters would know every Candidate running and their platforms. If 57% of the people are Independents that means the voters are being disenfranchised all over the country. The voters have the right and yet have no idea they can vote for any of us 100+ Candidate out there. I will make sure they know. Why not?

If you can't make it into the Oval Office, who would you prefer seeing taking the presidency?

Mike Huckabee.

What should the American people keep in mind,when heading to the polls this November?

That they are getting what the media and the political machines want them to know about, not what they should know. They are being fed what the media wants them to know about. The people on the ballots only know talking points and don’t have a clue about what’s happening in America except from what their analysts and advisors are telling them.


This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.