Wikinews interviews Peter Coti, eyewitness to north eastern US storm

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wikinews reporter Mike Morales interviews fellow Wikinews contributor Peter Coti, who is on the scene at a north eastern storm in the United States in New Jersey. Coti tells Wikinews what happened in the area of Ridgewood, New Jersey and provided pictures of the damage and area.


 ((Mike Morales )) Could you explain the circumstances of the incident?

 ((Peter Coti )) Well on the morning of Saturday it was a normal storm. Bit windier then a normal one though. Then at 4:30 EST (local time) power went out because of a downed tree. I went to church. When I got home it was like war of the worlds.

 ((MM )) How so?

 ((PC )) Wind gusts up to 90MPH [~145 km/h]. And trees falling all over. And White, Red and blue explosions of transformers. All around town.

 ((MM )) Do you know which areas are affected?

 ((PC )) All of ridgewoo NJ [sic, Ridgewood, New Jersey]. Actually according to many people Bergan County was affected; ALL of it and southern parts of New York.

 ((MM )) Besides trees, what other damage occurred?

 ((PC )) Well, signs are on 45 degree angles, but trees are blocking roads and there are powerlines in [half].

 ((MM )) Are there any damages to buildings?

 ((PC )) Not that I have seen. The major problem is the trees. They are blocking main roads.

 ((MM )) Do you know of any injuries to people?

 ((PC )) Yes, I know of at least 3 deaths and 5 injuries.

 ((MM )) Are there any details of these deaths and injuries?

 ((PC )) I know a tree fell on someone's car.

 ((MM )) How long until power is restored[?]

 ((PC )) They say in 2 days. I want to add the fact transformers lit the sky up for miles. Some for a few sec[onds], some for 30 [seconds]. Also power is back for businesses.

 ((MM )) How are emergency services responding?

 ((PC )) Well I have been told that every volunteer and cop is on duty. Also all police resources are being used from undercover cars to bikes. Anything with a siren really.

 ((MM )) How are the telephone services and other forms of communication working?

 ((PC )) There are no phone lines working. [Wireless phones] are the only way to communicate and... Mi-Fi. It's a portable router.


A fallen tree from where Coti reported.
Image: Peter Coti.
Another fallen tree in Ridgewood.
Image: Peter Coti.
Another fallen tree.
Image: Peter Coti.
Yet another fallen tree.
Image: Peter Coti.
On-scene police vehicle.
Image: Peter Coti.


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