Wikinews interviews Christopher Hill, U.S. Republican Party presidential candidate

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Presidential candidate Christopher Hill.
Image: Hill for President.

U.S. Air Force veteran and airline pilot Christopher V. Hill of New Hampshire took some time to talk with Wikinews about his campaign for the U.S. Republican Party's 2016 presidential nomination.

Hill served in Operation Desert Storm, flying about fifty combat missions. Shortly after the war, he returned to civilian life, working as a loader and then a pilot for the United Parcel Service. In 2010, he organized the "Pilots and Patriots Defending the Constitution" ahead of the that year's midterm elections. Hill ran his first campaign for president in 2012, seeking the Republican nomination. In that cycle, he appeared on the primary ballot in two states, receiving 108 votes in the New Hampshire primary and 139 in the Arizona primary. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney ultimately received the nomination and lost to incumbent president Barack Obama.

With Wikinews reporter William S. Saturn‎, Hill discusses his 2016 campaign, his political background, and his policy proposals.


  •  ((William S. Saturn )) What qualifications do you have that will assist you in executing the duties of president?
 ((Christopher Hill )) My Presidential qualifications are rooted in my service as an Officer in the United States Air Force. I took the Oath to our Constitution at 22 years old. I understood it was an Oath to America and ALL of our people. Politicians profess an Oath to this nation but once in office pursue their party agenda and reward their voters. As President, I will serve ALL of the people in America, guided by the Constitution.
  •  ((WSS )) Why run for president? Why not run for a lower office that you would be more likely to win and effect change?
Hill at the Lesser-known candidates forum in 2011.
Image: Marc Nozell.
 ((Hill )) When I was a young man in Air Force ROTC I was chosen to attend a unique Pilot Training Program called Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training. The Air Force only selected 180 Officers a year from the Academy, Squadron Officer School and ROTC to attend. I volunteered for that program because I knew I wanted to be a Fighter Pilot and at the "Tip of the Spear." In those days it was all or nothing. If you graduated you were assigned a fighter, if you were not quite fighter pilot material you had no recourse to fly another aircraft, you were washed out. Congress has proven itself ineffective as a body. To make a difference in America you must have the "Bully Pulpit" and speak to the People. The President has that pulpit. All or nothing. I never wanted to make politics a career.
  •  ((WSS )) Why did you choose to run in the Republican Party?
 ((Hill )) My ties to the Republican party date back to 1979 when I volunteered for Ronald Reagan and his campaign in New Hampshire. In those days I believed there was a difference in the parties. Today, like many Americans, I am skeptical. I understand third party candidates have no success. I hope to lead the Republican party in a new direction for working middle class Americans.
  •  ((WS )) How do you plan to get into the Republican debates and make an impact on polls?
 ((Hill )) In order to be invited to the debates, we must raise money and poll nationally. This is an effort that is underway. Recently we were listed in New Hampshire and nationally with Politics1.
  •  ((WSS )) If you do not receive the Republican nomination, would you consider running as a third party candidate?
 ((Hill )) No, I will back the nominee of the Republican party in 2016. After that, I may reconsider.
  •  ((WSS )) Other than yourself, which candidates have you supported for president in previous primary campaigns?
 ((Hill )) Reagan in 80 and 84, [George H. W.] Bush in 88 and 92, [Phil] Gramm in 96, [George W.] Bush in 2000 and 04, Romney in 08.
  •  ((WSS )) What are your thoughts on the job Barack Obama has done as president? Specifically, what would you have done differently?
 ((Hill )) President Obama has an agenda that represents the far left wing of his party. His use of the Presidency to further this agenda has in many ways been unconstitutional. Specifically, altering law once it is passed to accommodate his voting blocs. His direction to Eric Holder to enforce some laws and not others is another example.
  •  ((WSS )) If elected, what would constitute a successful presidency for you?
Hill (right) with fellow 2012 presidential candidate Buddy Roemer.
Image: thebudman623.
 ((Hill )) Achieving four goals:
  1. Term Limits for Congress and the Courts returning government to the People.
  2. Implementing a Tax System that allows working Americans making under $250,000 to keep all of their money. Closing Loopholes and putting in place a system that is transparent and works.
  3. Passing a Living Wage program lifting people out of poverty.
  4. Returning America to a state of Peace and Security.
  •  ((WSS )) Which individuals would you like to see in a Hill administration?
 ((Hill )) I would like to bring People from the heartland of America that make this nation work. We have had too many decades of Ivy League elites and Professors immersed in theory.
  •  ((WSS )) Anything else you would like to add?
 ((Hill )) A final thought. America is a nation that will endure. I believe it is our responsibility to pass on the same opportunities to future generations that were promised to us. As President, I intend to keep that promise!


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