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New Wikinews community newspaper established edit

By Daniel Bryant, June 11, 2007
From the editor

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Wikinews Bulletin! I hope this will be a worthwhile source of news for people interested in what is happening around the Wikipedia community. I plan to publish it on a fortnightly basis, every Monday. The Bulletin features stories about the goings-on in the Wikinews community.

The Bulletin will focus strongly on the English Wikinews chapter, however important events from other chapters (especially those which may effect Wikinews) may be covered. It is a similar publication of The Wikipedia Signpost, which is produced weekly on the English Wikipedia. The layout and format of the Wikinews publication was inspired by its Wikipedia counterpart.

The subjects covered here should be whatever community subjects interest the readers. Some people will be more interested in things happening with featured articles, others will want to follow Wikipedia's statistical trends. Not everyone will share all interests, but I hope to have something for everyone, and to hear from readers what else they want to know. I envisage that it will be composed of 'Feature stories', about the important happenings of the last two weeks in the Wikinews community. The Bulletin will also feature regular segments, such as Administrators and accreditations and Featured content.

Users can recieve the fortnightly publication directly on their talk page, by adding their name to the 'Spamlist'. Tips about stories are also welcome, and can be listed at the 'Tip Line'.

Finally, given the size of Wikinews that makes it necessary, even a small community newspaper is a huge task. I don't plan to do it alone, and anyone interested in writing for The Bulletin should get in touch with me so we can organize the work. And really, what more logical place is there to put our skills with reporting to good use than here, with Wikinews?

This may not look like much of a publication at the moment. It may seem pointless. You may be skeptical that it'll last beyond a couple of episodes. However, I ask you to recall the early days of this project (Wikinews) as a whole. I'm sure a number of these concerns woulod be very similar to those felt by the people involved with the conception of Wikinews, way-back-when.

With that, I wish you all happy reading!


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