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Wikinews contributor Sean Heron at G8 summit, after issues with accreditation delays edit

By Steven Fruitsmaak, June 7, 2007

Wikinews reporter Sean Heron, who is mostly active as an administrator on the German Wikinews, requested accreditation because he wanted to cover the G8 summit in Heiligendamm.

However, the problem was that he needed a letter of authorisation from Wikinews, something that hadn't occurred before. Unsure about how to proceed (and who should sign the letter), Wikinews contributors tried to draw the attention of Board Member and Wikinews founder Eloquence, and also asked on the talk page of Jimbo Wales, but did not recieve any response.

Wikinews veteran Brian McNeil said he was disappointed by the lack of interest in this local project problem, calling Wikinews "a neglected step-child" in the Wikimedia family. To make sure that Sean didn't miss the opportunity waiting for the Board to react, he was provided with a letter and a press card, and was accepted by the G8 organisation.

Sean is currently in Heiligendamm, but is faced with several problems, one being transportation difficulties because of the many protesters. Meanwhile his notes were used to write part of the Wikinews article Post-Kyoto agreement is subject of G8 debate.

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