Wikinews:Undeletion guidelines

See the Special:Log/delete for a searchable list of deleted pages. See Wikinews:Undeletion requests if you are concerned that a page may have been wrongly deleted.

General guidelinesEdit

  • Articles which were deleted "out of process" (without following the Wikinews:Deletion guidelines) may be undeleted by an admin on sight.
  • Articles which were deleted following process should only have an undeletion request if they were "wrongly" deleted, such as being speedy deleted or on deletion requests without a tag or input from the community.

Selective undeleteEdit

The mediaWiki software now makes it possible to only undelete selected revisions of a page. Example cases are mentioned at Wikipedia talk:Undeletion policy.


This guideline is based on the ideas in the Wikipedia:Undeletion policy.