The ticker system currently used by the english wikinews differs from the one described below

This system may be broken, malicious, dastardly, or even potato-shaped. Proceed with caution. When in doubt: Write Matt.

The Wikinews Ticker is a JavaScript and AJAX based news ticker.

It cycles through tommorrow's (in UTC), today's, and yesterday's stories, based on the DPLs found in User:TheFearow/Tickersource (semiprotected).

The code connects and downloads the rendered content of that page on each pageview where the template is enabled, which takes between 500 and 800ms on an average connection. It then outputs each one line-by-line, "typing" it out on screen, then waiting 7 seconds before displaying the next one.

The ticker is maintained by User:TheFearow. Please notify/ask him about all changes to the scripts, especially ones changing formatting, or the code itself.

The ticker can be added using the Ticker template, which will display like it is below: