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The aim of this new idea is to have an election for a Wikinews Picture of the Year 2008, in an analogy to the Picture of the Year contest on Commons. With this initiative we would like to promote photojournalism and quality images with great news value for use on Wikinews and other Wikimedia projects. This idea is not meant to compete with the election on Commons (the rules and candidates are totally different) or criticise Commons in any way, rather it is aimed to promote more collaboration between Wikinews and Wikimedia photographers.

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Protesters hold a sign showing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who spoke at Columbia University on that day.
Credit: David Shankbone
This picture won our recent Picture of the Year on January 25, 2008. It was an original picture took by David Shankbone for the Protests mark Ahmadinejad's visit to Columbia University article.  » Full story

The result of the 2008 Wikinews Picture of the year is as follows:

The winning image, taken by our very own, Nick Moreau (Zanimum). Originally Captioned as: University of Cincinnati hosted Independent's Day, for independent presidential candidates to debate at. Turnout was less than expected.

Tied runner up, taken by Mila Zinkova. Originally captioned as: Mila Zinkova spent ten days near the Halema`uma`u crater capturing this and other images
Tied runner up, this image was captioned: In the 2008 Taipei City New Year Countdown Party, the Taipei 101 skyscraper showed the "Love Taiwan" mark during the New Year celebration fireworks. was taken by C.D.L./ChunDer Lee.