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Hello! My name is David Shankbone, and I am a Wikipedia editor, Wikimedia Commons photographer, and an accredited reporter for Wikinews. I am also a member of the New York Press Club and the National Book Critics Circle.

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Senator Sam Brownback - U.S. Senator and Republican Presidential candidate.

Augusten Burroughs - Author and memoirist

Caribou - Electronica musician

Antje Duvekot - Folk singer

Vivien Goldman - Professor of punk and reggae history at NYU and columnist for the BBC called "Ask the Punk Professor."

Murray Hill - Comedian and drag king.

Duncan Hunter - Congressman and Republican Presidential candidate.

Natasha Khan - Lead singer of Bat for Lashes, British singer and artist; finalist for the Mercury Prize

Joseph Merlino - Author, eminent psychoanalyst, and psychiatry adviser to the New York Daily News.

Frank Messina - The "Mets Poet"

Michael Musto Columnist and celebrity journalist.

Alex Necochea Lead guitarist for the band Bang Camaro.

Kira Nerusskaya - Documentary filmmaker, Big Beautiful Woman, and fat acceptance movement leader.

Ingrid Newkirk - Co-founder and President of PETA.

The Onion - An interview with the President and Editorial Manager on the operation and creation of 'America's Finest News Source.'

Shimon Peres - An interview with the President of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Trisha Posner - Health columnist fired for taking a public stand on a zoning law.

The Raveonettes - Danish rock band.

Torture as business series - Interviews with the owners of an S&M dungeon and a few of the dominatrixes employed there.

John Reed - Novelist.

RuPaul - Singer, drag queen and performance artist.

Al Sharpton - Civil rights leader.

Nadine Strossen - President of the ACLU

Gay Talese - Legendary journalist, founder of New Journalism, and author.

Congressman Tom Tancredo - Congressman and Presidential candidate.

Craig Unger - Vanity Fair contributing editor and fellow at NYU Law School.

John Vanderslice - Musician and singer.

Tashi Wangdi Representative to the Americas of the Dalai Lama.

Billy West Voice of Ren and Stimpy, Philip Fry, Bugs Bunny....

Edmund White - Author.

Evan Wolfson - Founder of the modern gay marriage movement.

Victoria Wyndham - Leading actress from Another World.

Audio clips from my interviews

| Herb Keinon | America-Israel Friendship League | Marcelle Machluf | Uri Bar-Ner
With Shimon Peres, President of Israel
(you can read my hour-long talk with him here)

Articles I wrote on Wikinews

You can read my dinner conversation
with Augusten Burroughs here)
Hiking around Viñales, Cuba in 2002.

With Greek Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis

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