WWE Raw Results from Cincinnati, OH for September 22, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday evening was the 800th episode of WWE Raw, although not as celebrated as last year's 750th "Raw Family Reunion" episode, it was "business as usual" for the show, pushing towards the WWE No Mercy pay-per-view in two weeks.

WWE star Lance Cade

The show opened with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho coming to the ring and climbing atop a tall ladder where the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt was hanging overhead. Chris Jericho will face current antagonist Shawn Michaels in a Ladder Match for the championship at the pay-per-view. Jericho talked about the fact that while fans applauded Michaels' remarks regarding his accomplishments in ladder matches fans have forgotten that Jericho has won three championship titles in ladder matches, and has participated in more high-profile ladder matches than Michaels. This would draw out former champion Randy Orton, who has been injured with a shoulder injury for the last three months. Orton on a tear criticizing current and former champions as well as top contenders as to their worthiness of holding the title, and Chris Jericho was no exception. Just as it looked like Jericho was ready to pummel Orton, Orton declared that WWE Raw General Manager Mike Adamle made a new proclamation that anybody who attacked Orton would be suspended indefinitely.

Jericho withdrew from the ring, but was immediately replaced by CM Punk, a man Orton attacked a few weeks ago, costing him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a four-way match at the WWE Unforgiven pay-per-view. Punk and Orton would come nose-to-nose before Punk slapped Orton in the face, sending him reeling to the corner. General manager Mike Adamle came out along with acting on-air representative Shane McMahon. Together they diffused the situation between Punk and Orton, and announce the main event match, champion Chris Jericho and John "Bradshaw" Layfield against Shawn Michaels and Dave Batista.

Before that main event happened, Jericho would talk with Mike Adamle in his office, speculating that the reason Shane McMahon was at the show was to test Adamle's skills as a leader rather than a company yes-man, and that rather than following Mr. McMahon's directions to the letter, that he should use them as a suggestion for his own ideas. This would result in the main event becoming a three-on-two match, with the addition of Lance Cade to the team of Jericho and Layfield. Cade, a former protégé for Shawn Michaels and current ally of Jericho, played a major factor in the match. Cade's presence in the ring was a distraction to Shawn Michaels, who spent the majority of the match fighting off double-team efforts and cut off from making a tag to his partner. Dave Batista would eventually make that tag, but would be quickly overpowered by Jericho and Layfield. Michaels would tag in one last time while Batista would continue to fight outside of the ring with Layfield. Michaels appeared to have Cade defeated, but a distraction by Jericho allowed Cade to recover and attack Michaels from behind, pinning him after executing a sit-out powerbomb.

Full match results for the evening:

  • CM Punk def. WWE World Tag Team Champion Cody Rhodes by pinfall;
  • WWE Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella def. Deuce Shade by pinfall in a non-title match;
  • Kane def. Evan Bourne by pinfall;
  • Kelly Kelly def. WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix by pinfall in a non-title match;
  • Mike Mizain & John Morrizon def. Cryme Tyme by pinfall;
  • WWE World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho, John Bradshaw Layfield & Lance Cade def. Shawn Michaels & Dave Batista


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