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Show NotesEdit

Kamnet (talk) 19:01, 23 September 2008 (UTC)

  • Show opens with Chris Jericho, comments winning 3 championships by ladder matches
  • Randy Orton out, criticizes Jericho, announces that he cannot be touched per Mike Adamle
  • CM Punk out, slaps Orton, Adamle out, suspends Punk
  • Shane McMahon out, reverses suspension, puts Punk in match against Cody Rhodes next
  • Declares main event Jericho/Layfield vs. Michaels/Batista
  • CM Punk d. Cody Rhodes
  • Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix confront Batista backstage
  • Marella d. Deuce Shade, calls out Batista
  • Kane confronts Mike Adamle & Shane McMahon backstage, says he wants another shot at Rey Mysterio
  • Kane d. Evan Bourne, attacked by Rey Mysterio afterwards, Mysterio injured in attack
  • Kelly Kelly d. Beth Phoenix in non-title match
  • Orton confronts Shane McMahon backstage, is put in his place
  • Charlie Haas promo for the new "Mr. Perfect" DVD
  • Miz & Morrison mock Cryme Tyme in skit before match
  • Mike Mizain & John Morrison d. Cryme Tyme
  • Chris Jericho talks to Mike Adamle, main event is made 3-on-2
  • Jericho/Layfield/Cade d. Michaels/Batista


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