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Issue XI - May 17, 2008
Administrators, Accreditation and Arbitration
  • Since our last edition, no users have been given the mop and bucket. You can currently vote on a request by Adambro (talk · contribs)
  • No one has became an accredited reporter on Wikinews. There are currently no accreditation requests that you can vote on.
  • The 2008 Arbitration Committee election has started. There are nine candidates and six places on the ArbCom. Voting ends on August 1.
Featured Articles and News In Pictures
  • No articles were promoted recently. Several candidates are waiting for your vote, including two exclusive interviews.
  • Several images were featured on the main pages, which you can check out in the News In Picture archive.
  • Several images have been featured on the Main Page .The latest of which is available below. -
2008 G8 Summit Antiglobalist Demonstration March
Credit: Muji Tra
Although the 34th G8 Summit had ended, the demonstration of anti-globalists exposed a critical issue on poverty, etc.  » Full story
Original reporting

Since our last edition, many articles have claimed original reporting. Here are the most recent:

Several others wrote stories based on television sources. The Wikinews Reports blog activity was mostly related to some of these stories. You can ask any of the blog authors if you want to help out on the blog.

Editor's note

In the last few months activity on Wikinews has started to increase again, and discussion has restarted on the embargoed wiki. Anonymous101 (talk) 11:50, 19 July 2008 (UTC)Reply

Site activity
  • Wikinews supports the universal edit button firefox extention
  • Move Wikinews:Story preperation into its own namespace (prepared:)?
  • New rss feed extension prosed to be installed (see WC + Mailing list)
  • Arbcom elections are now in progress.
  • Discussion about flagged revisions is ongoing and in many places. This could be the biggest change to the Wikinews method since we abandoned the original article review system
  • Brian proposes a new contest, and challenges everyone to get involved, donate something, or join!
  • Try testing CSpurrier's new feed thingy. this may become the main wikinews feed at some point.
  • Zach's new tool: Per category rss feed. Do a hard refresh, goto a category and click on the rss icon in your browser. (Now linked from most portals and categories via templates)
  • Current RfAs: none
  • Accreditation requests: none

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IRC activity
  • Some of the IRC topics include the embargoed Wiki . ... (add more here if you know more...)
Wikimedia News
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