enWikinews Reports

Wikinews Reports - Highlights of actions, events, and excitement on enWikinews for October 2009. I (SGN) managed to put together a fair amount of news, but I'm always looking for contributions from others. If you want to throw something in for next month (It can be anything Wikinews related), please stop by Wikinews:Reports ( http://enwn.net/Db3E ) and leave a note, or update the respective subpage.

Also something very, very, very important. On November 8th, Wikinews turns 5 years old!! To celebrate, there will be cake! But only for those that help contribute to Wikinews:Story preparation/Wikinews turns 5 ( http://enwn.net/a1a2 ). It is a work in progress, and there is only 8 days remaining! Let's make this one heck of an article! (The abuse of the exclamation mark will continue until the article is done).