Iranian media: Professor of Tehran University killed in bombing

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The main entrance to Tehran University.
Image: Zereshk.

A remote controlled bomb attached to a motorcycle killed a Tehran University nuclear physics professor, Massoud Ali Mohammadi, near his home in the Iranian capital.

According to state run IRIB's website, "Ali-Mohammadi, a nuclear scientist and a committed and revolutionary Tehran University professor, was detonated by a remote control."

"As a result of the bomb planted by Zionist (Israeli) and American agents two cars and a motorcycle were severely damaged and the windows in the surrounding residential units were shattered," stated IRIB.

"Iran’s police and security bodies are investigating the terrorist case to identify those behind it," Press TV reported on Tuseday.

Press TV added that while no one had been arrested yet, a "handprint of Israeli intelligence services" was suspected in the event.

Mehdi Mohammadifar, a senior official in the Interior Ministry, said the reason for the bombing was being investigated.