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I am an adminstrator at Wikinews. My real name is Joshua Zelinsky. I can be most commonly found at the English Wikipedia JoshuaZ. If you have admin related business and I'm am not around please go to WN:AAA where another admin will likely be able to take care of the matter.


News articles started by meEdit


Articles saved by meEdit

This covers articles marked as {{abandoned}} which I then helped cleanup and expand to a presentable state.

  1. Comprehensive immigration bill fails in United States Senate (with most of the work done by SVTCobra).
  2. Shares in Blackstone Group fall below IPO price (also with a large part of the work done by SVTCobra).
  3. Nebraska teacher sentenced to 6 years for sex with student (work also done by ShakataGaNai and SVTCobra).


This does not include all articles that I substantially contributed to but rather those which were had little content, were yet not formally tagged with {{abandoned}} but where I wrote a substantial amount of the article.

  1. Space Shuttle Discovery to return to Earth
  2. Muslim hair stylist sues hairdresser over alleged discrimination
  3. Chess grand master Kasparov arrested after protest