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Everybody starts somewhere mine was with

  1. Victoria Cross fetches record price at auction
  2. Delta Blues wins 2006 Melbourne Cup
  3. Seven bushfires near Perth, Western Australia
  4. $200,000 reward for information on Perth arsonist
  5. New Enviromental Housing regulations for Western Australia
  6. Worst storm in thirty years hits Newcastle, Australia - tidy up, more detils etc.
  7. Salvage crew boards grounded ship in Newcastle, Australia follow up to previous
  8. 72 hour Australia wide ban on horse movements
  9. Horse flu damage spreads
  10. First signs of recovery from horse flu outbreak - picked up by [1]
  11. Australian TV show The Chaser breaches APEC security; 11 charged
  12. Champion AFL footballer Chris Mainwaring dies
  13. Record temperatures stoke bushfires in Western Australia, arson suspected
  14. Fire kills three and closes main transport route into Western Australia
  15. HSK Kormoran found, the search for HMAS Sydney continues
  16. HMAS Sydney found
  17. Apache pipeline fire - Varanus Island, Western Australia
  18. Western Australian economy at crisis point say builders
  19. Australian government considers controlling fuel supplies
  20. Australian growth forcast reduced to 2.7%
  21. West Australian Premier addresses gas crisis in televised broadcast
  22. Viewed wins the 2008 Melbourne Cup
  23. Australian businessmen arrested in China for spying‎
  24. 2011 Commonwealth heads of government meeting opens amid protests of war crimes