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reconstructing semiotic warfare: making media is a political act. poetry is a virus...


i'm a


frequent australian Indymedia hack and a volunteer editor/admin. on Wikinews i attempt to research and publish at least one story per day - dependent upon time restraints and distractions.

i also present and produce a weekly independent non-corporate news and information program on local community public radio in perth, wa - i report various local perth, western australia, national, oceania. i cover global grass-roots participatory events, news items and actions.

the wikinews australian portal is my homepage.

today my focus is on deep respect for the biosphere, social justice, guerilla art, grass-roots participation, consensus and other shit.

i am 39yo.

i like no borders.

i am potentially anarchista.

i respect the Nyungar/Noongar land.

See this: i live in this country

i am currently studying web administration at TAFE.

i don't own or drive a car.

reasons to become the media, not hate it, like:

  1. Corporate-owned media is an inherent greed-seeded hyperbole machine.
  2. Language and meme control commodified, homogenised and monopolised. exemplified by crap like this:

"Copyright. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed."

  1. The glaring reality of corporate mindshare, the insideous mental real estate boom.
  2. Globalised Monocultural Dominant Cultural meanings. Deny.
  3. Mindless capitalistic control of language and culture. Resist.
  4. Memes designed to never satisfy desire. Repeat Consumption. Cancer fetish.
  5. Intellectual Property Rights vs the sexiness of Open source and the freedom of ideas.
  6. People/country before profit. Many generational decision-making. Consensus.
  7. Advertising eats my face off in strips of energetic farce. Unwanted eye candy.
  8. Good men can't sit still in dark rooms. Not knowingly.
  9. Anyone is a journalist. innit. even you.
  10. Open Source art and science is my godhead



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in alphabetical order (since 0ctober05) Currently over a hundred, i reckon? stories.


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i'm also a Wikinews Admin...

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