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Reporter: Thor Malmjursson (BarkingFish)
Location: Medbourne, Milton Keynes, England
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My name is Thor Malmjursson, I'm 38, and my main areas of interest are South Pacific, Natural disasters (the two of which often go together) as well as general interest material from the UK.

Should you need to contact me, please use the "Email this user" thingy in the toolbar, or leave a post on my talkpage.

Stories broken by this contributor


Al-Qaeda threaten to kill British Prince Harry in Iraq

Aerial collision over Austria kills 8

British actor Inman dead at 71

Bus crash in Victoria, Australia injures twenty, some critical

Magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Morgan Freeman in serious condition after car accident

Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer murdered

Papua New Guinea Culture and Tourism minister charged with attempted murder (With Audio)

Prime Minister of Italy to remain in hospital

School Children and Teachers taken hostage in Philippines

Six-year-old drowns on family holiday (As my SUL Username, Iceflow)

World's first double arm transplant undertaken in Munich with collaboration from Kju, from

1000 homes evacuated in Plymouth, England, after bomb find

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Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi assaulted