UN's Convention on Domestic Workers expected to take effect in 2013

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Convention on Domestic Workers (also known as the ILO Convention 189) is to take effect next year after the Philippines ratified it earlier this month, according to the United Nations. It follows the lead taken by Uruguay which ratified it earlier this year. Only two countries are needed in order for it to take effect.

Emblem of the United Nations
Image: Spiff.

Upon taking effect, the convention is intended to protect the rights of around 53 to 100 million domestic workers around the world. Based on UN estimates, many of them are women and migrant workers. The ILO has noted that these workers work in a sector that lacks regulation and is informal.

According to the UN, the convention intends to grant the workers several rights. These include freedom of association and collective bargaining, protection from child labor, forced labor, and discrimination. Also included are chapters that entitles domestic workers to a contract that specifies the type of work, salary, the hours of work, paid leave, and days off.