UEFA president Platini confirms Euro 2012 to be hosted in Poland and Ukraine


Michel Platini
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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The UEFA president Michel Platini has confirmed once more the UEFA Euro 2012 to be hosted in Poland and Ukraine.

We will do everything, and even more, to have the Euro go to Poland and Ukraine.

—Michel Platini, UEFA president

Speaking on a press conference in Vienna, Platini denied the rumours of the Italian press saying the championships are to be held in Italy and France instead of Poland and Ukraine. 'There is no back-up plan. We have not had any second thoughts, or other thoughts and we respect our decision to go to Poland and Ukraine. The only thing that will make me decide not to go is if there are no stadiums in the capitals of Warsaw and Kiev. If there are no stadiums, there will be no tournament', he said. Asked if he really is disappointed about the preparations to the championships and the rumoured plans of moving Euro to Italy, he replied he has no information on that subject.

He has also added that UEFA is thinking about moving the championships to August instead of June. The footballers would have relaxed on their summer holidays, there would be less injuries and the level of the game would be higher. 'It is very hard because of the calendar of the European football leagues, the World Cup qualifying, and the calendar of UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cup. We would have to come to an agreement with the clubs', he said.

He didn't count out the possibility of having 24 teams in the Euros. 'Although the level of these championships is perfect, I think that such teams as England, Denmark, Serbia, Ireland, and Bulgaria could bring in lots to the Euros'.

The UEFA has also revealed that the final decision is to be made at an executive meeting in Bordeaux in late September this year.