Two bomb explosions witnessed in Beirut

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

By Monday evening, Beirut had already witnessed two bomb explosions. A bomb exploded in Verdun, a busy residential and business area located in the Sunni Muslim west Beirut district. Seven people were injured as a result.

The Verdun bombing was the second one within a twenty-four hour period. Hours after the Sunday gun battle in Tripoli between the Lebanese Army and Palestinian Fatah al-Islam, a bomb exploded in the parking space of the ABC Mall; in the Christian east Beirut district of Achrafieh. An elderly woman was killed while ten others were injured. The ABC Mall owner, Robert Abu Fadil, was quoted as saying to the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation:

We were expecting this kind of thing. For sure this will affect us in part, but we've been through more difficult times. But God is the Almighty. We will rebuild.

Some civilians and the Lebanese government held Fatah al-Islam responsible for the two attacks, however the group denied it had any involvement in either of them.