Toronto and Rockettes kick into the records book

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Starting at 5:00 a.m., nearly two-thousand Torontonians started gathering to kick up their heels.

A promotion for The Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular, which will be playing in Toronto throughout the holiday season, a chorus line of either 1,681 or 1,715 Toronto residents was formed. To break the record, the group successfully danced for five minutes non-stop.

The media has had conflicting reports about the number of kickers. The events organizers, Citytv program Breakfast Television, reported 1,249, while the Canadian Press suggested 1,681, and the Toronto Star counted 1,715. No matter the number, it beat the previous record of 1,151.

Carey Low of Guinness certified the record, and says it is very likely the record attempt will be included in the next publication of the Guinness World Records book.

Among those participating were Toronto mayoral candidate Steven LeDrew, 71-year-old Jack McKay and 72-year-old Dorothy McKay, both tap dancers, and Mississauga-resident Suresh Joachim, who personally holds 21 other Guinness records. Participant Jeanette Heller, 95-years-old, is the oldest living Rockette.

The record's official title is "Longest Single Line of Dancers".

Rockettes do 800 high kicks during every show, sometimes performing four shows a day.