Top 100 Canadian albums named

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The new "coffee table book" The Top 100 Canadian Albums has been released. Bob Mersereau, a reporter for CBC New Brunswick, wrote the book filled with albums from year's including 1967, the 1980s, and modern day.

The book is selling for CAD$35 and is 200 pages. It also contains in-depth interviews, photographs, facts, and descriptions on all the albums that were included in the list.

Harvest by legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young claimed number one. While Blue by Joni Mitchell came in second.

"There really isn't a good reference for Canadian albums. You look at the Rolling Stone book, and there's Neil, Joni, Leonard (Cohen), the Band and Alanis, and that's it. And there's so many more that only we get, as Canadians. Outside of Canada, Gordon Lightfoot gets trashed as this MOR singer, and they don’t get why we’d want to hear someone sing about pussy willows, cattails, soft winds and roses," Mersereau commented.

Mersereau will write about his book tour on his publisher Goose Lane Editions' blog. He says he would be "shocked if there wasn't complaints and arguments and debates."

"It's all subjective, but that's part of the fun. Everybody has a complaint about the list, and there's this ongoing debate, but the fact is they're talking about it and thinking about it and going, 'Gee, I wish . . .'"

About 600 people from all over Canada who are interested in music, are music journalists, work in the music business, or are musicians themselves and more voted for the one's they thought were the best.

"The important part is to talk about Canadian music and enjoy it."


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