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Charade Versus Reality: The True Evil Nature of the United States

I am a civic activist, a speaker of dangerous ideas. My government has imposed effective house arrest upon me for two years and counting. All of my speech equipment has been seized and remains in the custody of government, in violation of law. The court has ordered me to be silent. The police have harassed me and encouraged a local thug to attack me. I've been tangled in unreasonable, malicious legal proceedings and am in and out of jail. For these two years and counting, I have had no time to do anything but work every possible waking minute on gathering evidence to tell the story of what my government has done to me, just because I have the audacity to speak dangerous ideas.

While studying law, I read cases from the United States whenever I can. Oh, if I could only live in those United States! The difference is night and day between what I read in those cases and what I am experiencing in my home country. Surely no speaker in the United States has any reason to fear imprisonment and disappearment for speaking!

But what confuses me is this: I live in Mountain View, California, United States of America.

Wo'O Ideafarm (talk)03:08, 8 April 2013