First, I would need serious evidence as to why this book is hateful. Perhaps a reading over is a good idea.

Second off, even if it did say such things, so what? If they do commit crimes of a violent nature, arrest them. Just simply possessing the book shouldn't be a crime, no matter the circumstances. I apply the same logic to any media. You can kill hookers in GTA, doesn't mean you should go off and do so in real life. And if someone does, they should be promptly arrested and charged.

Finally, Why do we have to specifically respect the beliefs of other cultures, anyway? When I'm a guest in someone else's country, I'm going to be held to a standard of behaviour, to which I'll be expected, not unreasonably so, to uphold. I'm not going to go around Iran and start spouting about atheism, as that'll likely get me killed. To be fair, that's probably an unfair comparison, as this is Russia we're talking about here. But still, my point stands. You can't really legitimately expect to be treated the same in a foreign country as you would be back home. - (talk) 10:06, 2 January 2012 (UTC) (talk)10:06, 2 January 2012