Not convinced there is evidence to support the seeming supposition that Trump has morals, or that (like some politicians) he simulates having them.

Without such a supposition, the likely outcome of the summit — if it happens — becomes even harder to read, because it's unclear what Trump's motives are, as well as questionable whether he —or, in fact, anyone— would be competent to achieve them.

Pi zero (talk)23:39, 1 April 2018

If I was trying to make this happen, I would for look for a neutral party that both side respected as a moderator and can ensure adherence to any agreement. Immediately you cross out the US, China, and Russia. The only one that comes to mind is Germany's prime minister Angela Merkel.

A first move forward would be the North removing artillery from the DMZ and the US buy back the THAAD III missile defense shield. That is a tall, VERY TALL order.

AZOperator (talk)00:31, 2 April 2018