Texas identifies first death involving monkeypox

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Map of the spread of monkeypox in the United States as of July 11, 2022
Image: Redstilledits.

On Tuesday, August 30, public health officials in the US state of Texas identified the state's first death involving a patient who had been diagnosed with monkeypox. The notice indicated the deceased as being a resident of Harris County, Texas.

The Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services, Dr. John Hellerstedt, was quoted in the release as saying, "Monkeypox is a serious disease, particularly for those with weakened immune systems. We continue to urge people to seek treatment if they have been exposed to monkeypox or have symptoms consistent with the disease."

Sources indicate officials are investigating what role, if any, monkeypox played in the death of the patient. However, sources did note the deceased as having been an, "… immunocompromised adult."