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  • I know that the sources cited (particularly CNN) are long, so when looking to verify the facts, the following paragraph notes may be helpful. Please do not construe this as a suggestion not to read or pay attention to the rest of the sources
    1. virus causes COVID-19: AP, paragraph starting with "In Iran, by far"
    2. Frieden quote: CNN, paragraph starting with "'This is unprecedented,'" and the paragraph following it
    3. Ghebreyesus quote: CNN, paragraph starting with "'We have never before"
      No pronouns were used to identify Ghebreyesus in the source, I used "he" in the article after confirming gender at, not listed as a source. No objections to saying Ghebreyesus instead of "he" though
    4. January declaration as public health emergency: CNN, paragraph starting with "In January, the WHO declared"
    5. Fauci quote: AP, paragraph starting with "And at a Congressional hearing"
    6. Stats for thursday: AP, paragraph starting with "China’s totals of"

--DannyS712 (talk) 19:22, 13 March 2020 (UTC)

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