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I am publishing this as breaking because as the events that are scheduled for today begin to unfold, more will likely be added. --SVTCobra 14:20, 16 April 2008 (UTC)[]

Popemobile passes the White House.jpgEdit

Please replace "Pope-mobile passes the White House.jpg" with "Popemobile passes the White House.jpg" Thanks. Siebrand (talk) 12:00, 28 May 2008 (UTC)[]

  Done thanks --MarkTalk to me 12:06, 28 May 2008 (UTC)[]


{{editprotected}} Please replace the top right image with "Image:Pope_Benedict_XVI_acknowledges_the_cheers_of_the_crowd.jpg". Thanks. Siebrand (talk) 16:56, 6 June 2008 (UTC)[]

  Done Anonymous101 :) 16:58, 6 June 2008 (UTC)[]

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Since this was narrowly voted a featured article (It's been more than a week), somebody should add the "FA" tag to it. --WNewsReporter (talk) 07:10, 18 July 2008 (UTC)[]

  • somebody did it --SVTCobra 18:18, 18 July 2008 (UTC)[]
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