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Info from the SUBMIT STORY page - may be helpful to flesh out article:

Japan follows other nations in plans for manned spaceflight edit

Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA announced a comprehensive plan for its activities in space over the next 20 years. The plans culminate in a 2025 manned mission to the moon, but focus on heightened funding toward space technology and especially nanotech. The annoncement comes as a response to a 2004 government panel's recommendation that it focus on manned spaceflight.

Other nations, including Russia, China, the US, and India, have announced plans for a manned moon mission, though India later retracted its proposal. China sent its first taikonaut into orbit in October 2003.

Japan's vision for space: [1]

Russia announces manned Mars and Moon missions: [2]

China details its manned Moon mission: [3]

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Thanks, Davodd! Amgine sent that material my way the moment he saw the link I had posted under Developing stories.
I already used material from the China and Russia links. (They're cited in the Sources section.) The MSNBC link appears to duplicate material which is already cited in the article.
Thanks for looking out for additional material.
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.ca & .pt edit


Hi! Please add ca:Japó anuncia programa per a enviar astronautes i crear una base a la Lluna and pt:Japão anuncia programa para enviar astronautas e criar uma base na Lua. Thanks. ×α£đ~es 21:58, 12 June 2009 (UTC)Reply

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