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Wikinews needs a category for Tsunamis. (talk) 11:06, 11 March 2011 (UTC)Reply

Death toll


Personally, I would feel it is too premature to include a death toll. This is a very recent event, and a death toll like 32 isn't really showing the impact of the earthquake. It looks like a random number to me, for the death toll is likely to be 100+. I would suggest waiting for an official number before adding these random figures. Pmlineditor (t · c · l) 11:31, 11 March 2011 (UTC)Reply

Verifiability problems


Content which is not sourced is being added to the article. Reviewers: PLEASE CHECK VERIFIABILITY BEFORE APPROVING REVISIONS. This is a breaking story, but don't get too adrenalized. - Amgine | t 18:24, 11 March 2011 (UTC)Reply

6.6 Nagano quake


We need a new article on the new non-aftershock quake... (talk) 20:15, 11 March 2011 (UTC)Reply

Late edits


I have reverted various late edits, and the rename. Please remember this was published on Friday and serves as a record of what was known at the time.

New developments should go in new article(s). --Brian McNeil / talk 09:04, 13 March 2011 (UTC)Reply

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