Taleban launches attack on Afghan city; several dead

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

At least eight suicide bombers with the Taleban attacked Zaranj, a city in southwestern Afghanistan, earlier today, killing at least four people, according to officials.

Reports say the rebels blew themselves up near the governor's compound. Witnesses also reported gun battles between rebels and officials in the area. The Taleban contacted the Reuters news service, confirming that they were responsible for the attack. Spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi said: "We sent six suicide bombers and three other attackers. They have attacked several government buildings, including the governor's office."

Afghanistan's interior ministry said the victims consisted of a provincial council minister, a civilian, and two policemen. Police say eleven others were injured as well.

"They came in a car packed with explosives. They tried to attack the building housing the provincial council and the court," said the governor of the Nimroz province, Ghulam Dastagir Azad, adding that "police engaged with the attackers in five or six locations, including the provincial council and provincial court". He said there were at least seven explosions.