South Australian father and daughter in sexual relationship

Monday, April 7, 2008

A couple in South Australia, Australia have admitted to being father and daughter in an interview on Nine Network's 60 Minutes program.

John Deaves met his daughter, Jenny, 30 years after his separation from her mother. Jenny had two children from a prior relationship, and had brought them to meet him. "I had children," said Jenny in the interview. "And I felt as though he needed to be part of their lives as their grandfather."

Both John and Jenny claim that, despite being aware of their blood ties, they found themselves physically and emotionally attracted to each other, and within a couple of weeks they formed a "normal, sexual, loving couple relationship."

The couple were charged with incest in the South Australian District Court, where both pled guilty and were released on a A$500 good behaviour bond. Their three children — two from Jenny's previous relationship and a nine-month-old parented by the two — have been taken into care by the state's Department for Families and Communities, but were returned. Court documents also reveal another child the two conceived seven years ago, but who died soon after birth due to a congenital heart disorder.

The pair have been barred from having sex with each other, and will be observed by authorities, but have been allowed to continue living together.