Russia and Italy share views in solving conflicts

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vladimir Putin
Romano Prodi

After having a meeting in Bari, Italy, on the 13th of March, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the Prime Minister of Italy, Romano Prodi, gave a press-conference, summarizing the results of their conversations.

The main point the two leaders agreed on was that only diplomatic means should be used in solving such international conflicts as in Afghanistan, Iraq and, especially, Iran with its nuclear program issue.

Mr. Putin confirmed once again his views on any use of armed forces in resolving such international conflicts. Mr. Prodi agreed with the Russian President on this point and also stated that such conflicts should be solved using a multi-lateral approach, where several nations would take part in discussions. In addition to this the potential of the UN authority should be used, added Mr. Prodi.

The Prime Minister said that Italy is looking forward to a closer cooperation with Russia in the UN Security Council, as well as in the energy sector. All of this could be reached only through thoroughly developed partnership agreements, he added.