Reports: North Korea to test third nuclear bomb

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reports say that North Korea is planning a third nuclear bomb test which could take place later this month or in October. FOX News says the test could be performed as early as September 20 or as late as October 10.

The report comes after Free Radio of North Korea stated that the nation's leader, Kim Jong Il, "emphasized the importance of improvement of nuclear technologies with the aim of attracting the U.S. to direct bilateral talks." A group of North Korean defectors in South Korea also claim that a test is being prepared.

On August 26, Il allegedly gave the order to military officials to build a third bomb with enriched uranium and then prepare to test it.

North Korea says that if more sanctions are placed on the country, they will test the bomb. The country also says the test is an attempt to get the United States to take part in direct bilateral talks with the nation.