'A very giant struggle': North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's warning of oncoming economic difficulties

Thursday, December 2, 2021

In a talk made to officials at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Workers' Party of Korea held on Wednesday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned officials of a coming "very giant struggle" in the economic field, reported Party newspaper Rodong Sinmun. Present at the meeting, which was held in the headquarters building of the Central Committee, were high-ranking party members and military officials, including Party Secretariat Secretary Jo Yong-won and Premier Kim Tok-hun.

Headquarters of the Central Committee of the WPK in Pyongyang
Image: Laika ac.

The meeting, which had been convened to discuss details on the upcoming fourth Plenary Meeting of the eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), later released its resolution on said issue, with the last third of December being the chosen time frame for the Plenary Meeting and a review of Party work having been placed on the agenda, among other subjects.

At the Politburo meeting, Kim Jong Un said that "the successes registered by us show that the overall affairs that had been planned to lay a foundation for the economic development of the country and the improvement of people's living standard have been vigorously pushed forward", praising successes made in the agricultural and construction fields.

Kim followed by saying that "next year will be an important one as we should wage a very giant struggle as much as we did this year", and that plans made for next year should "be dynamic, onward, scientific and detailed, and consolidate the foundation for implementing the five-year plan."

North Korea's economy has suffered as a result of various factors over the last two years, with a combination of COVID-19 border closures and heavier sanctions topping off a typhoon and heavy flooding. According to Al Jazeera, UN agencies are reporting food and electricity shortages which have been worsened by economic sanctions.