Queensland state Green party to run environmental lawyer in treasurer's electorate

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Queensland Greens will run an environmental lawyer against incumbent treasurer Andrew Fraser at this years Queensland state election in Australia. Larissa Waters will be the party's candidate for the seat of Mt Coot-tha.

Ms Waters says she is hoping that the premier does not call the election in May, as she [Ms Waters] is expecting her first child that month.

"I am giving that a fair bit of interest," she said. "Luckily we have a pretty good branch in Mt Coot-tha."

Ms Waters received a 6 per cent swing at the 2006 election in the Brisbane Central electorate, which was then held by then premier Peter Beattie. She then missed out on a federal senate spot by a narrow margin.

While acknowledging Mr Fraser's abilities, Ms Waters questions whether he was still in touch with the electorate.

"This has been the greenest electorate in Queensland is the past few elections," she said. "And Andrew Fraser is just not green enough for this electorate. It think it is more important that he is more connected with the people of his electorate than schmoozing."

The Greens unveiled its policy to open two solar power stations last weekend.

"We can tackle climate change and create long-term jobs, but Labor can't see that because they are blinded by the interests of their big donors - the urban development and coal industries," Ms Waters said.

"The Greens want to give the community and the environment a voice back in State Parliament."

Queensland's unicameral parliament is currently made up of 58 Australian Labor Party (ALP) members, 25 Liberal National Party (LNP) members, one member each from The Greens and One Nation and four independents.

Ms Waters believes there is a general dissatisfaction with both the ALP and LNP and promotes the Greens as an appropriate balance of power, similar to that of the party's federal senate members.

Acknowledging the steps taken by the premier on reforming laws to protect the Great Barrier Reef, she has said that "[i]t is long overdue. But the package doesn't cover the complete range of issues. We need both 'stick and carrot' in our approach in this area."

Her campaign will be officially launched today on Mt Coot-tha.